Harajuku Kawaii

Chakras Leggings, new Youth and Infant line, Harajuku Kawaii is inspired by a place in Tokyo called the Harajuku district, it is a leading area for Japanese young fashion. The area is like an exciting theme park for young Japanese girls in their teens and early twenties with abundance of shops and boutiques catering to mixed tastes. New fashion continuously generates new fashion into the world with the idea of “kawaii” as the keyword. Harajuku fashion is imaginative and can be eccentric at times to the older generation, but freely incorporating one’s own taste is exactly the spirit of Harajuku style.

What kind of style is the Harajuku Kawaii fashion?

There are many types of fashion in Harajuku including the medieval aristocrats-inspired Gothic style, the Japanese Lolita style with emphasis on girlish cuteness, the Gothic Lolita style that combines the two, and the ballerina-inspired style that mixes a tutu skirt with colorful tops.

There are no sets of rules for when it comes to kawaii fashion. Having one’s own sense of style and not holding back for other’s judgment, while utilizing bold colors to the fullest, is what enables the Harajuku girls to evolve their kawaii fashion.